Episode 007: You Can Hack the Shticky Eye

One episode every two months, that’s what you expect, right? Okay, at least it’s getting closer to on schedule.

- Kevin: The Walking Eye and This Just In…From Gen Con!
- Kyle: You Can Hack It
- Scott: Story Shtick
- Cold City and Hot War
- The “Living Force” adventure referenced was the “Between the Worlds” trilogy by Morrie Mullins where you had to work for “Nirama” after he screwed you over in “Price of Business”. Thanks to Wookiepedia, the record of Morrie Mullin’s crimes against Gamerdom will never be erased!
- Free Market
- The Walking Eye did get that interview with Sorensen, but their enemies list is growing…
- Cage the Elephant
- Borderlands
- Mass Effect
- With Great Power…
- 3:16 Carnage Amongst the Stars

RPG Podcast Listener Survey Results 2010

Once again Scott Dunphy has outdone himself with the analysis of the RPG Podcast Listener Survey 2010. Download and check out the results and we look forward to doing it again next year!

Thanks to everyone who helped promote and participate in the survey!

Here’s the survey data mapped onto Google Earth!


Episode 6: Actual Jank Walking Podge Play

The Topics

How do you tell gaming stories without making people want to die? What games are you afraid to play?

The Hosts

Relevant Links

Episode 005: September FAIL Cast (by the Walking Ideology of the Fortitude Shtick)

The Hosts:

Other Links:

And here’s a link to the discussion thread in the forum!

Episode 004: The Hoser Cast (Wa-Accidental Podge Santuary)

* How we came to live in Canada

Chris (Wapcaplets)
Joe (Podge Cast, at the time…)
Rob (Accidental Survivors)
Ryan (3.5 Private Sanctuary

Episode 003: Kick-Saving the Accidental Swarm

* Four explicit hosts try desperately to work within a PG-13 setting. They succeed, and the result is hilarious

* How do you play your game?

Artemis Knight from Bear Swarm
Ryan from Save Against Frostbite
Fraser from Accidental Survivors
Jonathan from Kicked in the Dicebags

Episode 02: The Wap-Walking Jank

Your Hosts:

What They Talk About:
* A bit of an overview of each podcast
* Their gaming history, a bit of a tangent about our experiences with D&D vs. The Church in the 80′s, then into role playing.
* Talk about the 3 stances: Actor, Author, and Director.

Relevant Links


Results of the RPG Podcast Listener Survey 2009

The RPG Podcast Listener Survey was conducted in May 2009. The survey was anonymous and gathered data on listeners’ demographics, spending habits, podcast listening, and favorite gaming system. 76 podcasts participated by advertising on their shows, linking from their sites, and including their podcasts names in the survey.

The survey deadline had to be extended due to increased and continuing participation. In the end, 549 listeners completed the survey. That’s a lot of data! The shows that participated received the raw data for their own use, but we’ve decided to release the general findings to the public.

The results come in two forms, a report on the survey results in PDF format and Google Earth files. You will need to have Google Earth installed to use the later.

Results and Analysis of the RPG Podcast Listener Survey May 2009

Map of US Listeners

Map of Non-US Listeners

These map files take a while to load as Google Earth plots each postal code onto the map (you can read the PDF while you wait). In the US, New England will populate out of sequence due to a data entry glitch. Unfortunately the non-US data consists of primarily the UK and Canada. It appears that Google Earth couldn’t translate most of the formats of postal codes given from other countries.

The map files list the preferred game system of each listener as the name of their map point. Inside each pop-up the gender, marital status, and three favorite podcasts of the listener are included. (I apologize for the poor formatting of the data in the pop-ups; the HTML work needed there exceeded my abilities.)

If you want to discuss these results or if you’ve discover interesting trends in the data, you can leave comments here or discuss it on the thread in the Spooky Outhouse Forums.

Episode 001: The Down Under, Story Hodge Podge Swarm

Welcome to Episode 1 of a new cross-show cast we’re trying.   The plan is to get a few different hosts from a few different shows on each month to kick around a topic and see what they come up with.  No host can host back-to-back episodes, so you wont’ see Scott, Rob, Rib or David back at least for two months.



David – The Podge Cast
Scott – Story Shtick
Rob – Bear Swarm
Rib – The Downuder Gamer Show

Intro Music: Cosmic Protector by The Separates